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Antonino and I have thought about this long and hard. At first, it seemed a difficult decision to make, but actually it's not. The reason for creating the museum is to let people see the artwork, but not everyone will be able to come.

We have decided to authorize the free downloading of all images of Antonino's artwork from the site for purposes of distribution, reproduction and private or commercial use without restriction.

Pay what you like. Donate what you wish. Don't if you can't. But here's a button just in case:

Every little helps

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We have yet to finalize the terms and conditions (GNU, or whatever...), but will update the page accordingly.

Recently, Alban Maino spent the day photographing all the paintings professionally, we're now preparing them for download in versions as light and large as we currently can.

For more information about Alban and his work and play, see:


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Welcome to the Antonino Museum website.

We have far more paintings than we show here for now, so if you'd like a look, contact Simon:

+33 6 89 69 13 56 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll arrange a visit


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If you would like to host an

exhibition in your town, or

a private showing in your

home, or place of work,

let us know


We've started printing some beautiful postcards. To start, Pássaro Lobo and another not yet displayed on the site. For free copies, just send an SAE.