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After three years of building work, recession, 250-kilometer commutes, train strikes, frozen pipes, adder nests and leaking roofs, the house is more or less ready to move into, and it's time to tackle the museum itself. We started on the basics, putting up a first section of wall to keep some of the moister varieties of weather out, but the heavy stuff is still to come.



We are creating once-only curio reproductions of Antonino paintings. As an example, look at “Attempt at Human Cloning” below: as you can see, the work is divided into 15 separate squares.


Example of Sponsorship square with Red Dot

NB: a red dot on the main painting means the corresponding square has been sold



Example of Antonino Sponsorship square
Example of Antonino Sponsorship square
Example of Antonino Sponsorship square



So you could get this
Or this
But not this - red dot = sold


The squares will be printed on semi-gloss, 40 x 40 cm, 190-gram paper, numbered, and signed by the artist. No second copy of any one will ever be made, so each reproduction will be unique.

Choice of square will be on a first-come first-served basis

In exchange, we ask for a donation, ranging from €1.99 for the very lucky to €2750 for the very generous, revolving around an average of €250. And compare the value of your 250 euros:

  • a month's supply of cigarettes (do yourself a favor!)
  • a night out at the Crazy Horse
  • a tank of gasoline (will be soon ;o)

As well as the following benefits of sponsorship:

  • Knowing you were one of the first to recognize a gifted artist before he became known
  • Your name on our list of Founding Sponsors
  • Pre-publication advance notice of all new paintings, exhibitions or events
  • All Founding Sponsors will automatically appear on our list for special Priority Invitations to all future events
  • And, of course, you’ll receive one of the very few Invitations to Our Grand Opening!

Corporate sponsorship is obviously also available, please contact Simon Hamilton.

Likewise, if you can think of any way we can make this easier and/or more fun for you to take part in, please Tell Us!

We're at +33 6 80 81 51 06 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To see the paintings, check out the links to the right or go to the sponsorship gallery


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Antonino Museum
4 bis rue de la Plage
41400 Faverolles sur Cher
+33 6 80 81 51 06


If you would like to host an

exhibition in your town, or

a private showing in your

home, or place of work,

let us know


We've started printing some beautiful postcards. To start, Pássaro Lobo and another not yet displayed on the site. For free copies, just send an SAE.